Teen Trashes Parents’ C5 Corvette

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And police didn’t even arrest the kid…

A 17-year-old kid crashed his parents’ 2000 Chevy Corvette in South Brunswick, New Jersey recently, totaling it. According to the local police department’s Twitter account, speed was the reason for the crash, which took place at 1 am on March 11. What’s even better was the kid wasn’t arrested but instead received a summons.

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Hopefully the parents have already dealt out quite the punishment to this teenager, but we don’t know the story there. After all, there are some parents dumb enough to hand the keys to a V8 sports car to their inexperienced kid, telling him to have fun.

The two crash photos shared by South Brunswick Police Department shows the teenage driver skinned the driver’s side of the C5 Corvette when he crashed into a Deli, apparently damaging the entrance. Police didn’t say how fast he was going, but we imagine it was probably enough over the speed limit that officers could’ve arrested him.

When police say speed was the reason for this crash, we know what they’re trying to communicate but we tend to disagree to an extent. Yes, certain roads aren’t safe to be driven at certain speeds, that’s for sure, but we have to wonder if reckless driving combined with excessive speed wasn’t what led to this accident.

If the parents handed the keys to the kid, they’re also partly to blame. After all, few 17-year-olds can control such a powerful vehicle. Even though a 2000 Corvette isn’t the brawniest of them all, it’s still more car than an inexperienced driver should have. It’s also possible the kid took the C5 without permission, sneaking out of the house while the parents slept.

Either way, this Corvette is totaled and we wonder if insurance will cover anything. Hopefully the kid learns a lesson here, otherwise he’s in for a hard lesson later in life.

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