Teen Mom OG : Amber Portwood and Boyfriend Dimitri Discuss Possible Long-Term Stay in the U.S.

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Amber Portwood's new boyfriend might need to get her brother's approval.

The MTV star's brother, Shawn Jr., met Dimitri, her Belgian boyfriend, on Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom OG in which Shawn asked Dimitri if he had any plans to move to the U.S. from his native Belgium.

"You want to stay here? Permanently?" he asked Dimitri, who merely shrugged. "That's a tough thing too because you've got kids, you've got kids. How do you meet in the middle?"

Portwood said, "Me, I'm never leaving the United States. I'm sorry, it's not happening. I'm not leaving Leah or James ever."

Shawn asked Dimitri if the mother of his two children would allow them to visit Dimitri in the U.S. if he did make the trans-Atlantic move. Dimitri shrugged, causing Shawn to ask his sister if they'd discussed obtaining a marriage visa.

"No, just a work visa," Portwood told her brother. Dimitri said, "I want, first of all, a relationship, and after, a visa for work."

The trio then had lunch with Gary Shirley, the father of Portwood's 11-year-old daughter Leah. Portwood revealed she felt more confident in Dimitri's affections for her since he had passed a lie detector test.

"After the lie detector test, I'm giving him more of me," she said.

Portwood and Shawn had their own private conversation in which he expressed his concerns about Dimitri.

"It makes it hard when you don't know where someone comes from," he said. "If he was from Indiana, I'd have more in common with him."

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He continued, "The reason why I came here this weekend is because I'm kind of concerned of his motives for being here. Just imagine Leah saying, 'Hey I'm dating this Belgian guy who hardly speaks any English.' The first thing that comes to mind is, well is he just trying to come into this country and stay over here?"

"That's not my issue," Portwood said, "We're doing good on communicating right now. We really love each other."

Shawn replied, "Well don't let history repeat itself then."

Speaking to PEOPLE in late March, Portwood said she and Dimitri are "still talking."

"He's in Belgium. The coronavirus is obviously a big reason [we can't see each other], and that's okay because a lot of couples at the moment who are still in the same state have to do this," she acknowledged.

Portwood is a mom to two children: Leah, with ex Shirley, and a 1-year-old son James, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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