Taylor Swift’s Biggest Stan at the Detroit Eras Tour Stop Was Flava Flav

taylor swift flava flav
JSYK Taylor’s Biggest Fan in Detroit Is Flava FlavTwitter / Flava Flav - Getty Images

Today in “Unexpected but True Facts About Celebrities,” Flava Flav (yes, the ’90s rapper turned VH1 reality star) is one of Taylor Swift’s biggest fans. Not just her biggest celebrity fans—one of her biggest fans, hard stop.

The Public Enemy rapper/unabashed Swiftie turned out for the first of Taylor’s Detroit shows on the Eras Tour Friday and spent the evening openly stanning T-Swift all over Twitter. It was honestly kind of a magical sight to behold.

Because Taylor’s fandom is a community experience, Flav spent time connecting with other Swifties and collecting an armful of friendship bracelets, which he showed off in a pic along with the tweet, “In my RED (Taylor’s Version) Era and makin’ new friends at #TaylorSwift.”

That Red (Taylor’s Version) ensemble included a custom “I knew she was trouble” shirt, which he showed off while dancing during Taylor’s performance of “I Knew You Were Trouble” during the concert (accompanying tweet: “Making TROUBLE with my girl @taylorswift13 at the #ErasTour #TaylorSwift”):

He also showed off the shirt (which he revealed that he had made the morning of the show) in a pre-show ’fit check post (accessorized with his signature clock necklace, ofc):

And not to get too off topic re: Flava Flav connecting with other Swifties and collecting as many friendship bracelets as his arms could hold, but he also posted a shout-out video to his fellow stans because he gets it:

Flava Flav also re-shared some pics he and Taylor posed for together when they met at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in March, along with the tweet, “Some y’all Swifties are new here…and thought y’all might like these pix!! I sure do too!!”

“I love me some Taylor Swift, man. Always did, you know what I’m saying. Word up,” he said during an interview on the event’s red carpet (per Uproxx). “Yo, check this out. I heard Taylor Swift keeps her clock on 12. Just like mines. And the reason I keep my clock on 12 is because 12 o’clock points straight up. Every day, I’m straight up with you.”

So there you have it. Swiftie of the Year: Flava Flav.

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