This Taylor Swift Burn Away Cake Is Putting TikTok In Its Reputation Era

Taylor Swift at Golden Globes
Taylor Swift at Golden Globes - Axelle/bauer-griffin / Getty Images

No stranger to viral baked goods (remember her bloody "Blank Space" cake?), Taylor Swift is the inspiration for a new cake that's making waves on TikTok. When Toronto cake decorating account @cakesbynams received a request for a cake based on Swift's impending "Reputation (Taylor's Version)" album, they delivered a blazing-hot response. This fiery post racked up nearly two million likes in just two days, and it's still going strong. Once you see the cake's reveal, it's not hard to see why.

The video starts on a simple yet elegant cake with black icing and a disco ball motif. The top, which seems to depict Swift's Twitter account after she wiped it leading up to the release of "Reputation" in August 2017, quickly takes a turn for the scorching when a lighter sets it ablaze, slowly revealing a photo of the singer in her "Reputation" jumpsuit from Swift's Eras Tour. The video, which features the cryptic caption, "reputation (taylor's version) coming soon?" didn't just set a cake on fire — it also set the internet ablaze, with many TikTok users voicing their support (and sometimes incredulous disbelief) in the comments.

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The Video Stoked Some Intense Reactions

Taylor Swift at Eras Tour
Taylor Swift at Eras Tour - Buda Mendes/tas23 / Getty Images

Among the swirl of comments under @cakesbynams' video, singer Hailey Benedict's official account declared, "this is the coolest cake I have ever seen." Other TikTok users focused more on the baking aspect of the pop-culture confection, with one commenting, "yeah yeah the edible printed flame paper is cool, BUT HOW DID YOU GET THAT DARK OF BLACK ICING," referencing both the type of paper likely used to create the localized burn and the remarkably dark icing used to decorate the cake.

Many users tried to attract the attention of the cake topper herself, Taylor Swift, tagging her account (and associated accounts like @taylornation) and posting comments like, "Taylor Swift look at THIS!" It seems the Swifties have spoken, and they love this cake. While it's unclear if Swift herself has seen this expertly crafted cake made in her honor, it has clearly brought the rest of the internet a lot of joy over the past couple of days. If this excitement continues, you'll no doubt see plenty of happy Swifties by the time "Reputation (Taylor's Version)" is finally released.

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