Tasty dreams come true for Panthers rookie Ben Boulware

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He has been a member of the Carolina Panthers for only little more than a week, but rookie free-agent linebacker Ben Boulware has already heard Panthers brass excitedly discuss the team signing him and is gaining a cult following among Carolina fans who are excited about the former Clemson standout.

Boulware is excited too. And on Tuesday, he got really excited.

Ben Boulware went undrafted but is already getting noticed. (AP)
Ben Boulware went undrafted but is already getting noticed. (AP)

The 22-year-old tweeted a text exchange between himself and someone named Kim. And Kim had the Greatest. News. Ever. For Boulware:

Oscar Meyer, the company that manufactures Lunchables, the on-the-go food packs you may have eaten as a kid (and maybe buy for your own kids now), wants to send Boulware some free product, and he called it “the greatest day of my life.”

A little backstory: in a first-person story for Sports Illustrated in January, Boulware professed his undying love for Lunchables.

“My older brother, Garrett, plays catcher in the Cincinnati Reds’ organization, so this could be a combo deal. The thing we ate almost every day growing up was Lunchables,” Boulware said. “It’s so childish, but they’re so good. I still eat them.

“When we met with my agents the first time, we told them, ‘This may sound stupid, but we want our first marketing deal to be for Lunchables.’

“My favorite Lunchable is Pizza. I like the crackers, but I’m definitely a pizza guy. I’m dead-ass serious. Hopefully, that deal comes to fruition. … I’m waiting to get that box of Lunchables. Or just a card where I could get a discount. That would be awesome. A bearded, tattooed guy crushing Lunchables. It’s probably not the look or crowd they’re going for, but I’m definitely a loyal customer.”

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The company clearly got word. It’s unclear whether Boulware will sign a formal marketing deal with the company, but when you’re a rookie free agent, free food is a good deal.

It’s a bit of a head-scratcher that Boulware went undrafted. Last year, he won the Jack Lambert Award as the nation’s best linebacker, was named ACC defensive player of the year and was defensive MVP of the BCS championship game.

The 6-foot, 235 pounder had 116 total tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss and four sacks in his final season for Clemson.

What’s your favorite kid’s food that you still eat as a grown-up? Let us know in the comments.

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