Takk McKinley's happy dance video over his NFL contract is the best

If you have any appreciation for a young person working extremely hard to provide a better life for himself and his family, you had to enjoy Takk McKinley at the NFL draft. His emotional, raw reaction to being drafted while holding a framed picture of his late grandmother was the highlight of the first round.

It seems like McKinley, the UCLA defensive end who was the Atlanta Falcons‘ first-round pick, is going to be entertaining us for a while.

McKinley is a funny follow on Twitter, and nothing is better than his happy dance when he saw “two commas” in his bank account as he became a millionaire. McKinley signed on May 11 and his deal was worth a little more than $10 million with a $5.57 million signing bonus.

Much like his emotion on draft night, there’s some NSFW language on his millionaire happy dance video, but if you’re not offended easily by bad words, enjoy this from his Twitter feed:

How can you not smile watching that? McKinley has a few other gems on his Twitter account, such as …

McKinley made an instant name for himself on draft night. Now we’re rooting for him to do well for the Falcons on the field, so he can keep the good times going.

Takk McKinley with Roger Goodell on draft night. (AP)
Takk McKinley with Roger Goodell on draft night. (AP)

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