Sweeten Up Your Cornbread With Simple Apple And Honey Additions

Cornbread on plate with honey
Cornbread on plate with honey - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

Are you looking for a new way to upgrade that box of cornbread in the back of your pantry? There are many ways to spruce up plain cornbread mix with shredded cheese, jalapeños, or fresh corn kernels, but perhaps you want a new idea that is sweeter than those savory suggestions. That's where the simple addition of apples and honey comes into play — two ingredients that give cornbread more texture and flavor.

With enough apples and honey you can turn the cornbread into an effortless dessert, but if you keep the amounts small you'll still be able to serve this version with a main course. The apples will add a mild sweetness to the bread, and the juices will keep it moist. For the best results, stick to an apple variety that's commonly used in baking like Cortland, Golden Delicious, or Granny Smith; they hold up during cooking and offer a nice crisp flavor. Meanwhile, the squirts of honey will elevate the sweetness a bit more in every bite. Use whatever honey is already in the kitchen, or use hot honey to temper some of the sweetness and add a spicy kick.

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Thinly-Sliced Apples On Top Give A Nice Finishing Touch

Close up of hand slicing apples
Close up of hand slicing apples - Milan2099/Getty Images

It's not a very complicated recipe variation, because you can simply follow the instructions on the box, then fold in the apples and honey. For one box of cornbread mix, ½ cup of grated apples and 2 tablespoons of honey should be enough. However, one medium apple might turn out a full cup when it's grated, so feel free to add more if you want additional texture. Grated apples are the best option to get even amounts of fruit throughout without it overtaking the bread, but you could also mix thinly-sliced apples into the batter for more crunch. Either way, add both the prepared apples and honey along with the other ingredients before the batter goes into the pan. To make it look more appealing, cut thin slices of apple to place on top of the cornbread.

Try this ingredient hack with Tasting Table's honey sage skillet cornbread from recipe developer Katie Rosenhouse. In the recipe, Rosenhouse already uses honey, and the addition of grated apples will pair well with the sage. To take inspiration from an apple cheddar casserole, combine the apples and honey with shredded cheddar cheese for a blend of sweet and savory notes. Or to take the sweetness to another level, add brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon. Serve the spruced-up cornbread with more honey, honey butter, or apple butter, or go with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to really make it a dessert.

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