Suzanne Ciani x Vava Eyewear Create Perfect Harmony With Music and Technology

Italian optics brand Vava Eyewear has just unveiled its very first collaboration, joining creative forces with musical pioneer Suzanne Ciani.

The five-time Grammy nominated artist is the first woman to have received the Moog Innovation Award, recognizing her fearless exploration of electronic music. Having created iconic sound effects from Star Wars to Coca-Cola, as well as becoming the first female voice in a computer game, Ciani's partnership with Vava is pure synergy. Ciani's experimental style rings true as the collection is filled with angular frames and bold pops of color. Shades of kelly green, juicy purple and sour orange take shape in the form of sleek rectangular shades and trapezoid-like readers.

While Ciana creates sounds from her inimitable imagination, the eyewear brand uses state-of-the-art technology to craft unique glasses. Advanced 3D printing and high-tech material innovation make Vava's sustainability approach possible as digital printing results in zero-waste eco-acetates and mineral crystal lenses that are not only plant-based, biodegradable and recyclable.

Ranging in price from $880 to $900 USD, the Suzanne Ciani x Vava Eyewear's collaboration is available on the brand's online store. Take a look in the gallery above.