Sutton's predictions: Brighton v Manchester City

Sutton's predictions

Chris Sutton is making predictions for every Premier League game this season against a variety of guests.

For this week's matches on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, he takes on actor Zack Morris, star of new thriller film Jericho Ridge.

Sutton's prediction: 0-2

City are, apparently, extremely tired but I looked at their bench for their FA Cup semi-final on Saturday and it wasn't too bad for a team that is so fatigued.

The Brighton of last season would have been very awkward opponents for Manchester City, but I am not so sure they offer the same test this year.

Still, there is no margin of error for Pep Guardiola's side. They have the advantage in the title race at the moment but even a draw changes things completely at the top of the table, so the pressure is on.

Zack's prediction: 1-3

City are going to be fine, aren't they? They are not going to walk away with this one, but they will still get the job done.

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