Sushi Kanesaka: 13-seat counter from master chef Shinji Kanesaka to open on Park Lane

Celebrated: Shinji Kanesaka, who has held two Michelin stars in Tokyo since 2018  (Press handout)
Celebrated: Shinji Kanesaka, who has held two Michelin stars in Tokyo since 2018 (Press handout)

Sushi master Shinji Kanesaka is set to open a 13-seat omakese counter at 45 Park Lane next month, which will be the first outpost of his two Michelin-starred Tokyo restaurant, Sushi Kanesaka. It will share its name with its older sibling.

Opening on July 1 inside the 45 hotel, the restaurant will be divided into two; a nine-seat counter will form the majority of the seating, with room for four more in an adjacent private dining room. A menu of 18 courses is offered, priced at £420, which the Standard believes is the most expensive set menu in the country. Drinks pairings offered will include wine, beer and Japanese whiskie. Sake pairings are likewise offered, starting at £150 and rising to £220.

As is traditional for omakese — which loosely translates as “I’ll leave it up to you” — the menu will be built around sushi, with a focus on delicacies, with even the rice the chef’s own blend. At present, details of exact dishes remain under wraps.

With the restaurant described as being hopeful of “setting a new benchmark for omakase dining in the city”, and with Kanesaka preparing dishes with a team of eight chefs, sommeliers, and hosts — some joining from Kanesaka’s other restaurants — it looks as though the London Sushi Kanesaka is hoping for similar accolades to its elder sibling.

The counter at the new restaurant (Press handout)
The counter at the new restaurant (Press handout)

Chef Kanesaka said of the news: “I am honoured to introduce our culinary heritage and passion for sushi, with some of my team and chefs from Sushi Kanesaka in Tokyo. We are thrilled to share the true essence of Edomae sushi, meticulously prepared using the finest ingredients, traditional techniques, and utmost dedication, transporting guests to the vibrant streets of Ginza — and the tranquillity of a traditional omakase service.

“Dining omakase is very special and unique, an intimate personal connection between the chef and the diner.”

45 Park Lane’s general manager Lee Kelly said: “I am delighted to welcome chef Sinji Kanesaka to open his first restaurant in Europe at 45 Park Lane. I have always admired chef Shinji Kanesaka and had the chance to meet him and taste his finest ingredients in Tokyo myself.

“Sushi Kanesaka will honour the true art and essence of Edomae sushi, bringing the special and intimate art of omakase dining to the heart of Mayfair. We are excited for diners in London to be transported to Tokyo and to enjoy the finest sushi experience.”

The restaurant joins the hotel’s others, which include Wolfgang Puck’s CUT, where Elliott Grover is head chef.

Sushi Kanesaka will open on July 1 at 45 Park Lane, W1K 1PN. For more information, visit