“Survivor 46” exclusive deleted scene shows homesick player struggling

“Survivor 46” exclusive deleted scene shows homesick player struggling

Tim Spicer says "Survivor" is helping to change him as a father.

One of the cool things about going on location to cover Survivor is you not only get to see the players in the game, but you also get to see them before the game, which can offer clues as to what will transpire later on the island. While interviewing contestants in Fiji for Survivor 46, it was impossible not to notice that one of the players was struggling with being away from his family, and it seems that struggle extended to the game.

In an exclusive deleted scene from this week's episode, we see an early morning, day nine meet-up on the Siga beach, and Tim Spicer is dealing with much bigger issues than the game. He’s feeling the distance from his family, and rethinking his entire approach to what it means to be a father.

<p>CBS</p> Tim Spicer on 'Survivor 46'


Tim Spicer on 'Survivor 46'

“I just miss them,” Tim says to his tribe about his wife and two sons. “I don't know if I need to travel for work anymore. I need something else, man.”

When asked if that means a life change, Tim ponders the possibilities: “I think I can, but I've been really nervous about giving it up. What if I'm not able to provide like I am? It's like you've been raised to be this man, and when I had kids it was like: You have to provide. It shouldn't be on anybody else but you. When I'm with my boys, I’m with my boys, but I shouldn't have to overcompensate because I've been gone to three cities in one month. I don’t know. It's been eye opening.”

In a confessional interview, Tim then goes deeper into his big dilemma. “I knew that Survivor was a life-changing experience, so Survivor has taught me that it's more than the material things that you provide for them. It's like, you got to provide that presence, and that's the dad I want to be forever. I want to be able to give them more of all that I have.”

Tim is feeling the distance from his family, but also making a commitment for when he returns. “It's one thing to be away from home, but I've had no contact. What is my family doing? What is my wife up to? Is she okay? I miss them more than I portray. I guarantee when I see Jasmine and the boys, I'm just going to need a minute to just to cry on them.”

Of course, even if Tim is feeling guilty about being halfway around the world, that doesn’t mean he plans to cut his trip short. “I'm not even close to done to what I started, so I'm going to give the game all that I have, and when I get back, they can have a hundred percent of me. I clearly don't need my phone. I clearly don't need food. I just need them, really.”

To watch the entire scene of Tim opening up to his tribe, watch the exclusive deleted scene above for yourself.

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