After surviving scary crash Tuesday, Philippe Gilbert shows what happens when you bike 60 kilometers on a broken kneecap

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When Philippe Gilbert went careening over the wall on the edge of the road during Stage 16 of the Tour de France on Tuesday, it looked bad. Really bad. When he somehow climbed out of the ravine and hopped back on his bike, it was a minor miracle.

Now, after he continued the race on a broken patella, it looks bad again. Really, really bad.

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Gilbert’s Tour de France is over

Due to the broken kneecap, Gilbert’s Tour de France has ended. That he somehow biked through what must have been excruciating pain shows just how tough he and all Tour de France bikers are.

Gilbert posted the following video on his Twitter on Wednesday:

The fracture will take Gilbert out of action for several weeks, and he expressed his gratitude for the concern and support shown from the cycling community.

I’m really thankful for all the message I get on my phone and social media and also to all the riders who passed me and take news about me. The cycling family, I get a lot of support from everyone… It’s really appreciated that you get support in these hard moments.

Gilbert, a 36-year-old Belgian, fell on the same pass where Fabio Casartelli crashed during the 1995 Tour de France. Casartelli, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, sustained major injuries to his face and brain and died on the way to the hospital. So while it’s certainly a disappointing ending and a major setback for Gilbert, he can be thankful the injuries weren’t more severe.

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Philippe Gilbert’s left leg swelled up after his horrific crash (from @PhilippeGilbert on Twitter)
Philippe Gilbert’s left leg swelled up after his horrific crash (from @PhilippeGilbert on Twitter)

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