'Survival chances are still very much in our hands'

Nottingham Forest fan's voice graphic

Our appeal to regain some of the deducted points fell flat. Shocking? Hardly. Unfair? Slightly.

The timing is slightly suspect, as a loss against Sheffield United may have led to a different outcome.

While a successful appeal would have been well received, I personally didn't place high hopes on it happening. It hasn't dampened my spirits - we have still got some fight left in us on the pitch.

The single positive to come from this, with it dragging on for so long, is that it is final. We can now look ahead and turn our focus to the remaining fixtures. Hopefully this news can act as motivation as we face Chelsea in our bid to stay up.

While getting a couple of points back would have impacted our survival chances, it is still very much in our hands.

Rather than mulling over what could have been, I would much rather prefer to put my energy into supporting the team in a very crucial period.

If the team play their hearts out, that will see us through and cancel out any points deduction. Come the end of the season, this will all hold little relevance.

Saveena Johal can be found at Punjabi Forest

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