Subaru confirms 'Wild' off-road variants will be revealed soon

Zac Palmer
·1 min read

Evidence for a new line of off-road-focused Subaru vehicles was mounting, and now Subaru is confirming its presence. Just this morning, Subaru sent out a news blast to let us know that “something wild is coming.”

That “something wild” is almost certainly the rumored and reported Wilderness trim variants. Our spy shooters got eyes on the Forester Wilderness and the Outback Wilderness ahead of time, giving us an idea of what type of modifications we should expect to see on these models. But first, here’s what Subaru is saying about them: “The next evolution of Subaru capability is coming, and it is packed with functional technology and rugged features, inside and out.”

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As for the physical changes to the car, we turn to the spy shots. Wilderness models look like they’re getting new front bumpers with a lot more ground clearance and big skid plates for protection. It’s difficult to tell if the car is lifted or not, but if it is, Subaru isn’t going very far up with it. The tires have tall sidewalls, all-terrain tread and are highlighted by chunky new fender flares. We expect there to be a number of other styling changes to designate them as Wilderness trims, too — you can already see that it has a new grille design.

Subaru says it’s going to put on a “world premiere” event online for the models. You’ll want to return on March 30 for that event, which is exactly 14 days from the date of this story’s publishing. The full reveal is at noon ET that day, and the link to watch is right here.

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