Stunning photos of VIP Coachella events show how the real fun is out of reach for most festivalgoers

Stunning photos of VIP Coachella events show how the real fun is out of reach for most festivalgoers
  • Coachella in Indio, California, is one of the world's most famous music festivals.

  • In 2023, BI's music team found VIP events and areas far superior to the average GA experience.

  • The festival seems specially designed to benefit celebrities, influencers, and wealthy guests.

Coachella's VIP wristbands are expensive, but they offer many benefits that make the festival more enjoyable.

coachella VIP entrance
VIP guests can skip the long lines and dusty paths to enter the festival.Callie Ahlgrim

The Rose Garden is a famous VIP section favored by celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens.

coachella VIP rose garden
The entrance to the Rose Garden is monitored by security guards.Callie Ahlgrim

The fenced-off area is located next to the Mojave stage.

coachella VIP rose garden
The Mojave stage is covered by a large white tent.Callie Ahlgrim

The beautifully manicured garden features several large fountains and statues.

coachella VIP rose garden
The lion statues are a fixture in VIP areas.Callie Ahlgrim

VIP guests are free to roam among the flowers.

coachella VIP rose garden
The famous roses come in all colors and shades.Callie Ahlgrim

Deeper in the garden, a lounge awaits through the archways.

coachella VIP rose garden
VIP guests can spend as much or as little time as they want in exclusive areas.Callie Ahlgrim

There's plenty of comfortable seating, as well as food and drink options.

coachella VIP rose garden
Elsewhere at Coachella, most festivalgoers sit on the ground.Callie Ahlgrim

In contrast to the GA experience, long lines and wait times are rare in the Rose Garden.

coachella VIP rose garden
Aperol is one of Coachella's brand partners.Callie Ahlgrim

VIP guests can order and enjoy drinks at their leisure.

coachella VIP rose garden
Argento is one of several bars in the Rose Garden.Callie Ahlgrim

The Rose Garden also hosts a nightly dinner, featuring a different gourmet chef each night.

coachella VIP rose garden dinner
The lavish dinners are organized by Outstanding in the Field.Callie Ahlgrim

The gourmet food is served in multiple courses, paired with unlimited cocktails and glasses of wine.

coachella VIP rose garden dinner
Servers are on call throughout the evening.Callie Ahlgrim

In 2023, the Friday night dinner was created by executive chef Zarah Khan of Rustic Canyon Restaurant.

coachella rose garden dinner
The second course was mushroom labneh with scallion and lion's mane powder laffa.Callie Ahlgrim

A VIP wristband alone does not grant you access to dinner. In fact, a seat at the table costs an additional $350, plus fees.

coachella VIP rose garden dinner
We were granted free access to the event as members of the media.Callie Ahlgrim

There are several more VIP areas scattered throughout the festival, often granting guests better views of major stages.

coachella VIP main stage
Festivalgoers watch a performance at the main stage from a fenced-off VIP area.Callie Ahlgrim

Behind the Do LaB stage, VIP guests can lounge in the shade and enjoy a gentle mist.

coachella VIP do lab backstage
To access the Do LaB backstage area, you need to be on the guest list.Callie Ahlgrim

There are plenty of free drinks for the taking, including popular brands like Juneshine and Topo Chico.

coachella VIP do lab backstage
GA guests are forced to pay exorbitant prices for seltzers and cocktails.Callie Ahlgrim

It's a relaxing, secluded place to escape the heat.

coachella VIP do lab backstage
Do LaB stage performers can sometimes be spotted in the backstage area.Callie Ahlgrim

Outside of the festival, exclusive events run all weekend.

coachella party
The Lucky Brand Desert Mirage event at a private estate in Bermuda Dunes.BFA

Hotels host branded pool parties with free merchandise, beverages, and celebrity guests.

coachella margaritaville pool party
Guests enjoy a pool party at the Margaritaville Resort.Callie Ahlgrim

For example, a Cap'n Crunch party at the Margaritaville Resort featured performances by Anderson .Paak and Reneé Rapp.

renee rapp anderson paak coachella event
Cap'n Crunch celebrated the mascot's 60th birthday, an event dubbed Cap'n's Cove.MOVI Inc.

In 2023, Rachel Zoe's luxury event Zoeasis returned for its seventh year.

ZOEasis coachella
Rachel Zoe is a fashion designer and celebrity stylist.Shutterstock for BDG

The party is invite-only and takes place at a private estate.

ZOEasis coachella
Guests are treated to free cocktails and products from brands like Sephora.Shutterstock for BDG

There are plenty of exclusive after-parties during Coachella weekend one, like Nylon House.

diplo nylon house coachella
Diplo performs a DJ set at Nylon House on Friday.Shutterstock for NYLON House

The parties are hot spots for celebrities and influencers, often kicking off before or during Coachella's headline performances.

jaden smith coachella after party
Jaden Smith at Nylon House.Shutterstock for NYLON House

An exclusive Sunday brunch in 2023 featured a DJ set from James Blake.

james blake dj set coachella party
He performed at the Sturdy. Oasis Hydrated by Liquid I.V. desert brunch.Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Revolve Festival is a famous invite-only event that takes place at the same time as Coachella.

revolve festival coachella
The event returned for its sixth year in 2023.Courteney Larocca

The event includes performances by popular musicians, free drinks, and a colorful carousel.

revolve festival coachella
Performers at Revolve Festival 2023 included Don Toliver and Ice Spice.Courteney Larocca

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