Stray Kids Suit Up for Their First MTV VMAs Appearance

Stray Kids have arrived to their first-ever MTV VMAs in style. The K-pop group stepped out at the Newark, New Jersey, ceremony tonight in coordinating black-and-white looks, opting for a modern, edgy take on classic suits and tailoring. Wearing an assortment of slacks, oxford shirts, and suit jackets, the band—consisting of Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.—looked sharp as ever.

The eight-member group is set to perform at tonight’s ceremony, joining a program that includes stars like Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat, Anitta, and fellow K-pop stars Tomorrow x Together. Stray Kids are expected to deliver the U.S. broadcast debut performance of their 5-Star track “S-Class,” which earned them a nomination for Best K-pop Video this year. The band was nominated in the same category last year for “Maniac.”

As for who they’re excited to see tonight, members name-dropped stars like Rodrigo and Lil Wayne while speaking to Entertainment Tonight.

Back when their 5-Star track dropped earlier this year, the group broke down the meaning and influences behind the song while speaking to Billboard.

“‘S-Class’ is about the strangest among the unusual,” Hyunjin said. “I think what makes this track stand out is how there are various musical genres mixed and combined together to create a seamless track.

“While all of the tracks we considered for the title were great, we ended up choosing ‘S-Class’ as the title, because this was the song that really screamed Stray Kids. Experimentation isn’t really something that’s new to us, because we’re always trying to push our boundaries. I think this helps us strengthen our distinctive color.”

Hyunjin even told the fandom, a.k.a. STAY, to “please look forward to the addictiveness and energy our performance holds!” It looks like we’ll find out more tonight when they hit the VMAs stage.

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