Stocks slip as oil prices bounce and investors digest economic data


Wall Street’s 6-day winning streak is hitting some resistance ahead of the Memorial Day weekend. Stocks are little changed after the S&P and Nasdaq scored fresh records on Thursday and as oil prices fluctuate.

Here are some of the other stories the Yahoo Finance is covering for you today.

Trump blasts Germans on trade: report
President Trump reportedly said yesterday that “the Germans” are “bad, very bad” for selling too many vehicles in the United States. The report from Der Spiegel says Trump threatened to “stop” German auto exports that inflate the US trade deficit with Germany. What does this mean for BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen?

Zuckerberg likes universal income
Speaking at Harvard, Facebook (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg endorsed the idea of universal income as a remedy for income inequality, saying it could “make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”  But is this a realistic approach to solving inequality in America?

Microsoft’s X-box tries streaming games
Microsoft (MSFT)’s Xbox is bringing fans all the games they can stream for $10 a month, and Yahoo Tech’s Dan Howley tells us whether gamers are likely to take the bait.



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