Surprisingly, Stephen Colbert agrees with Donald Trump on something

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On The Late Show on Thursday night, Stephen Colbert shocked his audience when he said, “I mean this sincerely, I agree with Donald Trump about something. CNN lies.” Colbert then brought up Wednesday night’s show when Dana Carvey came on as Trump’s new national security adviser, John Bolton. CNN had an article about the appearance the next morning, although the headline was, “Look who’s playing John Bolton on SNL

Colbert was aghast at the error, calling it, “Fake news.” CNN’s Bolton blunder even prompted Colbert to say something nobody ever thought he would: “I take everything back. I apologize! Donald Trump is a great president.”

Colbert was obviously joking, as he went on to explain just how far off CNN was when they said Carvey was on Saturday Night Live. He said, “It was a Wednesday, we tape during the day, and it’s not live. You got three things wrong in three letters!” But in the end, the Late Show host was just happy to be a part of the news cycle, saying, “Still, it’s nice just to be recognized. So, thank you, MSNBC.”

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Watch Dana Carvey portray John Bolton as an unhinged warmonger:

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