Stephen Colbert apologizes to Mindy Kaling for walking in on her while changing

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On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday, the host took a moment to apologize for something that happened between him and frequent guest Mindy Kaling earlier in the day, before the show’s taping. And after bantering back and forth about who was actually going to bring the incident up, it was time to hear the naked truth from Kaling. She said that she was backstage getting changed and was in just a pair of pants and her bra. And that’s when Colbert came in — to both the room and the story.

“And I don't usually do this. I usually wait till the guests are in the wings,” Colbert said. “But I thought I would just go, ‘Hey have a great show.’ So I popped the door open. I knocked, but I did that knock and pop.”

The pair worked together in a 2015 episode of The Mindy Project, and Kaling has appeared on Colbert’s show eight times dating back to 2015, even announcing the birth of her second child on the show in October. So they are clearly pretty close. And perhaps that’s what made it all the more surprising that she was the one who was feeling regretful after the “knock and pop” happened.

“I just thought the whole time like, ‘I wish I had worn a sexier bra.’ Because it was like, you know, he works hard,” Kaling said, gesturing toward Colbert, and getting a big laugh from the audience.

And while viewers on Twitter clearly enjoyed the fun moment between the two as well, the real positive that Kaling can take away from this incident is just how impressive her entourage is. After saying that he should have knocked and waited, Colbert said that it didn't really matter because her team was great as they “hurled themselves” in front of him like he was an “assassin.” And Kaling seemed to enjoy that particular feeling of security.

“I felt like Meghan Markle,” she said. “They were like, ‘You will not pass.’”

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