Steph Curry meets 9-year-old girl who lost home in wildfires, but saved her Currys

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Jordyn Johnsen of Santa Rosa, Calif. got to meet Steph Curry Sunday night. (Photo courtesy Donna Johnsen)
Jordyn Johnsen of Santa Rosa, Calif. got to meet Steph Curry Sunday night. (Photo courtesy Donna Johnsen)

Nine-year-old Jordyn Johnsen of Santa Rosa, Calif., lost almost everything in the North Bay wildfires. When she was asked to grab one thing while being evacuated from her burning neighborhood, she chose her pair of Curry 3s, the signature shoe of Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry.

Afterward, Johnsen wrote a letter to Curry, expressing her admiration for the Warriors star, wishing the Warriors well for the 2017-18 season, and explaining what happened to her family in the wildfires. The letter was quickly shared online from multiple people, and went viral on social media.

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The Warriors ended up seeing the letter, and according to Frank Somerville of KTVU, Johnsen’s mother said the team reached out to invite the family to come watch the team’s game against Detroit Pistons last Sunday night. Along with the invitation, the team sent the family a care package with jerseys, shirts and other items.

“This is a kid [who] when asked to grab something while being evacuated from our burning neighborhood, took her Currys,” Donna Johnsen wrote in a message to Somerville.

At the game, the family got to meet Curry, and the interaction one was for the books. According to a note Johnsen’s mother wrote to Somerville, Jordyn was able to give Curry the handwritten letter in-person, and Curry even asked her to autograph it:

“Both Jordyn and her brother Jack were ecstatic. Jordyn said: “This is all blowing my mind”.
She said that it was “the best day of her life & her biggest dream come true”. Steph was the nicest guy.
Jordyn gave him the original letter & he asked her to autograph it for him. It was the cutest thing. He also gave them a bag of clothes & shoes (both kids). How cool is it to get a pair of Curry’s from Curry himself?!?!?! By the way, they were so exhausted after the day that they both passed out in the car within 10 minutes of leaving the stadium!!! They had such a great time.”

NBC Sports Bay Area put together a video showing Jordyn’s trip to the game, which included meeting Curry and receiving a brand new pair of his shoes.

Jordyn, who plays for the North Bay Elite and St. Eugene’s CYO youth basketball programs, told NBC Sports Bay Area that Curry was her favorite player, and since those shoes were her only pair of basketball sneakers, she felt like she really needed to save them.

“It’s amazing, absolutely amazing,” her dad, Josh Johnsen told KTVU at the game Sunday night. “My kids are super excited. As a family we couldn’t ask for a greater day to have.”

Here’s Jordyn’s letter to Curry:

“Hi Steph,

My name is Jordyn Johnsen and I am 9 years old. I play basketball for North Bay Elite and St. Eugene’s CYO in Santa Rosa. When I grow up I really want to be in the WNBA as a point guard. I watch you on TV and learn a lot from you. My mom has a video of me at NBBA camp dribbling two basketball at once. You inspire me to keep getting better. You and KD are my favorite players. Last week my house burnt down in the Santa Rosa fire and one of the only things I saved were my Curry’s. They make me play better and they have your signature on the side. Thank you for inspiring so many kids like me. Good luck this year. Hope you and the Warriors win the championship again this year.

Jordyn Johnsen, Santa Rosa CA.”

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