‘Step by Step’ Stars Consider Reboot on ‘Hollywood Darlings’

On Wednesday’s Hollywood Darlings, Christine Lakin tried to get the cast of Step by Step to agree to a reboot. But as with coordinating any major reunion, she ran into a few complications.

While pitching the reboot to Patrick Duffy, who played the dad on the show, Lakin seemed to have some success. While Duffy agreed to join the reboot, he said that he would sign on only if Staci Keanan was involved. And when Lakin went to pitch the reboot to Keanan, she had the same request of Duffy.

In hopes of getting both actors to agree to work with each other, Lakin invited them to a luncheon for an airing of grievances. While there, Keanan explained the reason for the tiff, saying, “He made me think I had a relationship with Luke Perry, who I had a huge crush on.”

It turned out that it was actually Lakin who pretended to be Luke Perry. When Lakin confessed to the prank, Duffy and Keanan decided to move forward with the reboot, but without Lakin.

Hollywood Darlings airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Pop.

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