State-Of-The-Art Appliances That Could Steal The Show At TIHS 2024

Variety of cutting edge kitchen gadgets from IHS 2024
Variety of cutting edge kitchen gadgets from IHS 2024 - Static Media / Getty

Heated travel mugs, smart cheesemakers, and digital cutting boards are just a few of the state-of-the-art appliances set to steal the show at The Inspired Home Show (TIHS) 2024. The housewares exhibition features the latest advancements in kitchen and household technology. And poised to shake things up are a number of thoughtful and thought-provoking tools.

The equipment stands to make cooking easier, at a price and shows the exciting new directions kitchen products could be headed in the years to come. Many of these electronics are nominated for the International Housewares Association's Global Innovation Awards for their forward-thinking design. Others are the first of their kind, provoking welcome questions and challenging expectations for household tools.

Though they may not make an appearance in every kitchen, they could inspire your next kitchen purchase. Here are a handful of the products ready to catch visitors' attention at IHS 2024.

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Tramontina Guru Smart Induction Cooktop

Tramontina Guru Smart Induction Cooktop set
Tramontina Guru Smart Induction Cooktop set - Tramontina

If you struggle with cooking, rather than chopping, there's another show-stopping smart device poised to make a splash. The Tramontina Guru smart induction cooktop connects to your phone and acts as a companion during the dinner-making process.

With a built-in digital scale and heat sensors, the electric stove helps monitor the quantity of ingredients and control the temperature of the pot as you follow a recipe. The $300 pan and stove set might not appeal to seasoned amateur chefs but is another helpful teacher for newcomers to the kitchen.

Dr. HOWS Doran Doran Multi-Cooker

Dr. HOWS multi-cooker on table
Dr. HOWS multi-cooker on table - Dr. HOWS

Korean brand Dr. HOWS latest debut is a multi-functional, rectangular cooker able to grill, cook, and warm food. The base functions like a hot plate and comes with a compatible grill pan and an accompanying pot, which can heat up soups and hot pots.

The sleek, modern design, which weighs a little over 10 pounds, works quickly, reaching roughly 425 degrees Fahrenheit in 10 minutes and turning off automatically to avoid overheating.

LUX Stainless Steel Carbonator

LUX Stainless Steel soda maker
LUX Stainless Steel soda maker - Drinkmate LUX

This futuristic stainless steel machine looks straight out of a space station. The $300 set comes equipped with a stainless steel bottle and a 60-liter carbon dioxide canister capable of adding bubbles to any liquid.

Like previous Drinkmate models, users can whip up not only seltzer at home but fizzy juices and sparkling wines, too. The generous carbonation revives flat sodas and beers. Cocktail makers can use the CO2 to add a little bubbly to their drinks in place of adding soda water, which would dilute the beverages.

Shine Kitchen Co. Rapid Cold Brew Coffee & Tea Machine

Shine Kitchen Co. Rapid Cold Brew Coffee & Tea Machine
Shine Kitchen Co. Rapid Cold Brew Coffee & Tea Machine - Shine Kitchen Co.

Shine Kitchen Co.'s vacuum extraction brewing method hits the fast-forward button on cold brew. The machine uses pressure, rather than heat, to draw out coffee's rich flavors in 10 minutes.

Different settings allow for a longer steep, topping out at 45 minutes for an extra-strength cup. The brand claims the quick process reduces bitterness and allows for the same lower acidity of the traditional overnight steeping approach. Tea drinkers can also use the device to make loose leaf and spiced teas.

AirHood Portable Kitchen Air Cleaner

AirHood fan
AirHood fan - AirHood

This compact and cheerful fan claims to be the first portable range hood. Users can set it up next to their burner and point it toward smoky ingredients. The AirHood also grabs and filters oil and grease from the air, making it a helpful stovetop companion when making the perfect fried chicken.

It's available in both wireless ($199) and plug-in ($159) versions, and its compact size makes it suited for small spaces. Critics point out the Kickstarter-funded device is loud and can't be placed too close to a gas burner, but, as the only fan of its kind, it still makes an impact.

Fromaggio Smart Home Cheesemaker

Fromaggio machine and cheeses
Fromaggio machine and cheeses - Fromaggio

Who among us hasn't hoped to make cheese at home? And with a brie shortage looming on the horizon, the Fromaggio Smart Home Cheesemaker arrives not a moment too soon.

The smart machine heats dairy and vegan milk into curds then drains and presses the blocks into shape. The unique $640 appliance can make a variety of soft and hard cheese with the touch of a button, allowing cooks to make their own unique cheeses at home, taking their cheese dishes like the ultimate macaroni and cheese recipe to the next level.

BLOK Smart Cutting Board

BLOK smart cutting board
BLOK smart cutting board - BLOK

Another pricey tool for home cooks is the BLOK Smart Cutting Board, a $699 kitchen tech is designed to teach as you chop. The wooden board features a digital display and a companion phone app for cooking classes.

This device bills itself as the "Peloton of the kitchen," and requires a subscription to access its library of video recipes. While it may not appeal to all home cooks, it's likely to get people talking about the future of smart culinary tools.

Ember Travel Mug

Ember travel mug
Ember travel mug - Ember

The hot travel mug on the scene is the electric smart thermos by Ember. The temperature control features allow commuters and campers to set their travel tumblers and mugs down to the exact degree.

Equipped with a three-hour battery and a location sensor that pairs with iPhones, the complex to-go cup offers the utmost customization over coffees and teas. Some might argue that the temperature features are unnecessary for the everyday drinker, but the tech could inspire more thoughtful features for our emotional support bottles and cups.

Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven

Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven
Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven - Midea

The two-in-one air fryer idea is not unique to the Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven, but the model stands out because its stacked design features a fryer basket on top and a toaster oven drawer on the bottom. All that means home cooks can knock out two dishes, in two different cooking styles, in one machine.

Despite being separate cooking environments, the sections actually fry in sync, so dinner is timed to finish all at once, showing that consumers are eager to time and control every aspect of their cooking. Plus, with the added room, you'll have one less air fryer mistake to avoid as overcrowding becomes a thing of the past.

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