A Splash Of Corn Milk Is The Unexpected Addition Your Coffee Needs

jug and glass of corn milk next to corn on the cobs
jug and glass of corn milk next to corn on the cobs - naito29/Shutterstock

That viral corn kid was really on to something. Corn is a culinary chameleon. Its mild sweetness and versatile structural properties make it the perfect for corn on the cob, cornmeal grits, cornbread, corn flakes, popcorn, and... corn milk?

Whether you are an avid champion of coffee culture or a desperate-times-only coffee consumer, you probably know that the days of adding mere cow's milk to a cup of joe are long gone. With a wide variety of flavorings and styles, there are endless ways to elevate your coffee. Corn milk is one of those ways.

Although corn milk may sound like a concept similar to oat or almond milk, it is not always made exclusively from strained corn. There are many variations, but the basic recipe calls for a strained mixture of sweetened condensed milk and creamed corn. It is uniquely sweet and tasty and easy to make at home.

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A Simple Concept With A Fascinating Flavor

cup of corn milk with cinnamon sticks
cup of corn milk with cinnamon sticks - Antonio Gravante/Shutterstock

Sweetcorn milk is a simple, indulgent coffee enhancer. To make it, you only need to blend creamed corn and sweetened condensed milk together and strain the creamy liquid to make it smooth. Both ingredients come in cans, meaning they are shelf-stable and will give you ample time to whip the concoction up.

Though this particular ingredient combination is tried and true, you can easily switch it up with whatever ingredients you have on hand. You can easily make non-dairy corn milk by replacing the sweetened condensed milk with a creamy plant-based milk alternative, such as oat milk or soy milk, and adding in a sweetener if your milk of choice is unsweetened (depending on your flavor preferences).

Sweetcorn milk makes a perfect coffee creamer, but it also makes a great addition to tea. Or, if you are feeling bold, you can even drink it straight from the glass.

Corn Milk Goes Way Back

glass of corn milk in a basket with corn on the cob
glass of corn milk in a basket with corn on the cob - Regreto/Shutterstock

Sweetcorn milk may seem like a newfangled coffee ingredient to some, but it can actually be found in cuisines around the world. In Vietnam, corn milk, or sữa bắp, is made by blending corn with coconut cream or sweetened condensed milk. Sữa bắp is typically enjoyed in a glass straight-up, but a classic Vietnamese iced coffee or cà phê sữa đá, is made with sweetened condensed milk. A corn-infused, sweetened condensed milk coffee would not be far off.

In Guatemala, local market vendors serve atol de elote. Made from pulverized corn, water, and some flavorings like vanilla and cinnamon, atol de elote is a comforting, smooth Guatemalan spin on corn milk.

With its many iterations and serving styles, corn milk is a fun way to switch up your beverage game. Even if you are content with your current coffee ritual, corn milk is absolutely worth a try.

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