Spirited Miller-Deslauriers scrap ends with a bang

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For any of you that may have been concerned about the health of the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry, we can happily inform you that it is alive and well.

During the first period of the 746th meeting between the two sides, Montreal’s Nicolas Deslauriers and Boston’s Kevan Miller decided they wanted to discuss things with their fists. If we were to look at the scrap as a Shakespearean play, the first four acts were pretty average. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, things escalated very quickly during the fifth.

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The temperature went from zero to a hundred real quick, as the kids say, and the boys were really swinging. Both the 6-foot-1, 221-pound Deslauriers and the 6-foot-2, 210-pound Miller got some pretty solid licks in during the violent exchange.

It was the second fight of the season for both. Deslauriers now has 25 career NHL scraps, while it was the 18th career tilt for Miller.

This shouldn’t have to be said, but if you see either of these men on the street in the future, I don’t recommend making fun of their shoes.


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