SpaceX Workers Suffered 600 Unreported Injuries, Amputations

Steve Nesius / Reuters
Steve Nesius / Reuters

In his race to space, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has had at least 600 unreported workplace injuries since 2014, many that ended in serious injury and amputations, according to Reuters. Musk himself reportedly throws safety to the curb, discouraging workers from wearing yellow safety clothes and even having machinery that was painted in industrial safety yellow repainted as blue or black because he hates bright colors. Four employees said that Musk played with a flamethrower at SpaceX sites proving his disregard for safety. Records show that more than 100 workers got cuts or lacerations, 29 suffered broken bones, 17 had their hands or fingers crushed, nine received head injuries including a skull fracture, and another eight had amputations. SpaceX reportedly says that employees should be responsible for their own safety because the main goal is to reach Mars as fast as possible.

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