Sophie Turner and Peregrine Pearson Just Went IG Official in the Most DGAF Way Possible

Robert Smith/Getty Images

A little under five months after announcing her split from husband Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner is ready to go social media-official with her new boyfriend, British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson (he’s the 4th Viscount Cowdray as well as heir to the Cowdray Estate in Sussex and works in real estate development, according to his LinkedIn, because I guess event viscounts have LinkedIns?).

Turner confirmed the relationship with an Instagram post that absolutely screams “living my best life.” Captioning the dump, “Jägerbomb anyone?” the Game of Thrones star uploaded pictures from a ski vacation, including dancing, sauna-ing, and plenty of time on the slopes in her adorable star-patterned blue ski suit. In the first pic, Turner, Pearson, and two friends sit on a chair lift, giving the camera the finger. As if it could be any clearer that Turner doesn’t give a ffffffffff what you think.

In the comments fans were thrilled to see the mom of two doing well, and more than one mentioned that, since she played Sansa Stark, it only made sense for her to be in the snow: She’s the Queen of the North!

“You slay for those who cannot” wrote one particularly eloquent commenter. Added another, “Fourth photo has the same energy as shiv roy walking during s2 ep6 of succession 🕺🕺.” The point isn’t the relationship; the point is Turner is happy.

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While Soph and her beau are keeping warm in the cold, her ex is staying cool in the heat, jet-setting with his new paramour, model Stormi Bree. They reportedly spent New Year’s Eve together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. But then they went to Aspen. So where is Turner? Gstaad? It’s so hard to keep these rich-people vacation destinations straight.

At the start of the new year, Sophie Turner declared 2023 the “year of the girlies” and predicted that 2024 would bring more of the same. So, Peregrine, hope you like girlies!

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