Sofía Vergara's Killer Abs Are Crazy Toned In Throwback Bikini Pics On IG

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Sofía Vergara's Abs Are Toned In Throwback IG PicsJEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX - Getty Images
  • Sofía Vergara just shared the coolest throwback snap ever.

  • The 50-year-old actress and model recently took to Instagram to share a pick of herself signing autographs while rocking the cutest white bikini—and damn, Sofía hasn't aged a bit! She looks just as strong now as she did back in the day.

  • To stay in amazing shape, Sofía does Lagree Pilates regularly—working out with trainer Jennifer Yates at least five times a week.

Sofía Vergara spent the last week posting a ton of photos on Instagram from her time with a bunch of girlfriends, but she took a brief timeout to share the coolest throwback post ever.

It features a photo and video of Sofía signing photos of herself while sprawled on a bed while clad in a white bikini in a Colombian hotel. In the pic, she's laying on her side next to a little girl while showing off her toned legs and strong abs in that bikini.

#tbt Santa Marta Colombia!🌴primita! @paulinada_ El Irotama hotel💚” she wrote in the caption.

People were all over it in the comments. “Look how young! I think you are more beautiful now 🔥,” one person wrote. “So fineeeeeee,” chimed another.

The 50-year-old actress and model didn’t share when the pics and video were taken, but it looks like yesterday given how she looks pretty much the exact same in a bikini these days. Evidence:

So…what does Sofía do to stay so fit? She’s big into Pilates, for starters.

Sofía has worked with trainer Jennifer Yates, who previously told People in 2020 hat her famous client puts in the work. “We work out at least five times a week for 50 minutes to an hour, depending on her schedule,” she shared.

The two focus on the Lagree Method of Pilates, which is high intensity and low impact. Sofía apparently loves working her butt muscles. “We do a lot of squats and deadlifts and lunges [on the Megaformer machine], and we do a lot of things off the machine as well,” Yates said. “Recently we’ve been combining some of the heavier weights for the lower body because she’s trying to put a little more mass on, so we’ve been doing a lot of work with kettle bells.” Sofía is “really strong,” Yates added.

Sofía previously told People that her former Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen inspired her to work out more consistently. She has also joked in the past on Instagram about working hard—and being exhausted as a result:

But Yates ~also~ told Marie Claire that Sofía makes sure to schedule in breaks to lower the risk of getting injured.

Sofía hasn’t said much about her eating plan lately, but she’s been open in the past about her sweet tooth and love of food. Apparently that’s still true, because she’s posted a bunch of food posts on Instagram lately. Check her out posing next to a ton of delicious-looking food for Cinco de Mayo:

There was also this video of a huge breakfast spread she enjoyed during a trip to Riyadh:

And then there was Sofia enjoying a burger and cakes while doing press for America's Got Talent:

Keep doing you, Sofia!

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