Is Snoop Dogg a Nashville Predators fan?

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(via NHL)
(via NHL)

The artist formerly known as Snoop Lion is back on his hockey.

Noted NHL fan Snoop Dogg hopped back into the eyes of the hockey mainstream just in time for playoffs on Tuesday, with the league releasing a short promo video of the rapper congratulating the Nashville Predators (for some reason) on their clinching of a playoff spot while giving a shout-out to his boy P.K. Subban.

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He also referred to himself as “Dogg Cherry,” which is just marvelous:

“What it do it’s your boy, the one and only Dogg Cherry, AKA 99-plus-2 — the greater one. Shooting a congratulations out to the Nashville Predators. Congratulations on making the playoffs, way to go fellas,” said Snoop.

“Yo PK! Hello! Let’s go.”

Wise, encouraging words from a self-proclaimed Anaheim Ducks Guy — which makes his shout out to the Preds, a conference rival of his (once?) beloved squad, all the more confusing. Since the mid-2000s, Mr. Dogg has publicly flaunted his Ducks fandom while attending many games, repping gear inside and away from the arena, and even joined the team for a rip during practice for an episode of his show ‘Fatherhood.’

With these latest developments, however — including the props to Nashville and it’s polarizing blueliner — it appears that Snoop has crossed enemy lines and sided with a new Cup favourite in 2018.

Is he a traitor? The NHL’s version of a bandwagoning Drake? Just feeling a change? Being a supportive Fan Boy for his dude PK? It will take some digging, but the truth will emerge.

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