Boise isn’t the top dog-friendly vacation city in the U.S.? Throw us a bone!

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Jimmy Conover

Thinking about taking your dog on vacation this summer?

(After all, today — March 23 — is National Puppy Day.)

Online travel agency has published a study ranking “The Best Dog Friendly Vacations in the U.S.”

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And you might want to take a seat, Boise.

Or at least, “Sit!”

Because you don’t need to go anywhere.

Living in Boise is a treat for dog owners. Idaho’s capital city ranks No. 3 for Fido-friendly leisure destinations.

Orlando, Florida, is No. 1. Asheville, North Carolina, is No. 2.

Cities were ranked in several categories: dog-friendly hotels, pet shops, dog-friendly parks, dog-friendly hikes and dog-poop tonnage on Foothills trails.

Which Boise won by a mile.

(OK, OK, I made that last category up while cleaning off my shoe.)

So what makes Idaho’s capital city so fantastic for canine-accompanied vacations?

“With miles of mountain hikes just a stone’s throw away, and 64 properties waiting to welcome guests with four-legged travel companions, Boise offers plenty of opportunities for adventure,” a press release explains. “The Boise River Greenbelt has a selection of parks and trails close to the water’s edge, as a perfect escape from the nearby city.”

By properties, we will assume is referring to hotels, not our cat-loving neighbors’ front lawns.

And, by the way, if you do feel like escaping Idaho for a dog-friendly vacation? You won’t have to travel far.

Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Portland all finished in the top 10.

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