'Sister Wives': Kody Brown Accuses Janelle of 'Cheating Me Out of Contact with My Family' in Heated Argument

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown's recurring argument about parenting their kids comes to a head in an explosive argument between the two

TLC Janelle Brown (L), Kody Brown (R)
TLC Janelle Brown (L), Kody Brown (R)

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown are not on the same page when it comes to their kids.

In an intense argument over parenting and their relationship that rocked the latest episode of Sister Wives on Sunday, a conversation about Christmas plans between the struggling spouses turns heated.

The pair once again found themselves at odds over Kody's estrangement from their sons, with Janelle explaining that the issues between sons Gabe, 21, and Garrison, 24, and Kody continue.

"There's been no movement on either side. They haven't called Kody, Kody hasn't called them. I can see that this isn't going to resolve itself."

The conversation between them starts with Janelle explaining that the family was forced to make other Christmas plans, which also included Christine Brown and her kids, after Kody put "stipulations" on everyone joining him at his home for the holiday.

"You call them, Kody, because you always put it back on me," she levels at him, then explaining in a confessional, "It still surprises me that Kody feels like it's my responsibility to facilitate this relationship between he and my children. He's a parent just as much as I am."

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<p>Instagram/janellebrown117</p> Janelle Brown and family


Janelle Brown and family

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"It belongs on you, Janelle," he replies. "You didn't support my stand when it came to actually doing the COVID stuff."

"Kody, I was protecting my children," Janelle argues. "And you have said, 'Choose your loyalties or you're not gonna have a husband.' So I'm supposed to choose between you and our children? That's what you basically said."

Kody adds, "All you have to do is support what I'm doing. Do you understand that parents are supposed to be a united front?"

Janelle — with whom he also shares Savanah, 18, Hunter, 25, Madison, 27 and Logan, 29 — accuses him of "gaslighting" her, to which Kody says, "You really need to stop throwing me under the bus."

After going back and forth, Janelle points out that this is about more than just Kody's COVID regulations for the family. He accuses her of lying, and Janelle replies that he's "manipulating."

"Tell me how I'm manipulating," he begins calmly, before breaking the fourth wall and pointing at the camera.

"No, tell the whole world, tell the world and then go hang out with your buddy Christine. Tell the world how I've lied, how I've manipulated and how I've done you wrong."

<p>Christine Brown/Instagram</p> Christine Brown with kids

Christine Brown/Instagram

Christine Brown with kids

Kody expresses how he's been the one constantly "making the effort," adding that like Greek god Atlas, "carrying this family on my shoulders, and the minute I try to shrug this off..."

Janelle also says she felt Kody was "pushing me out the door," to which he accuses her of never "being a team" with him.

"Have we ever co-parented? You co-parent with Christine. Why?"

"Because Kody, you were never available. Never available," she replies calmly.

"That is such a lie," he says as Janelle accuses him of "favoritism."

"That's every excuse every polygamist woman who finds a problem with it makes," he fires back.

TLC Janelle and Kody Brown arguing
TLC Janelle and Kody Brown arguing

The argument ends with Kody saying that co-parenting between the two is impossible and storming off as Janelle yells, "F--k you!"

In her confessional, she reflects, "We were throwing accusations at each other about what was going on and it was shocking. I was really upset when he left because it feels like there's a finality to it and now I'm worried about what happens to me."

Later, she adds, "It took me about a half hour to overcome the shock of the conversation and I called him and said, 'Come get your stuff.' In my mind, he's out of the house."

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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