Singer salutes Edmonton fans for anthem bailout


Edmonton Oilers fans were the real MVPs of Sunday's playoff game against the Anaheim Ducks.

After Canadian singer Brett Kissel's microphone appeared to fail as he began to perform The Star-Spangled Banner, the crowd — in true Canadian fashion — stepped in to help and performed a shining rendition of the U.S. national anthem.

On Monday, Kissel took to Twitter to thank Edmonton's fans for the save, while also apparently campaigning for a mention on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Meanwhile, the Edmonton crowd was widely praised for its display of friendship and sportsmanship by people on both sides of the border.

And it left some wondering, if the tables were turned, could an American fan base have done O Canada justice?

What do you think? Could American hockey fans belt out the Canadian anthem if needed?

Perhaps Ellen can test this for us?

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