The Simple Way To Give Cake Frosting A Professional Look

Chocolate cake with swirly frosting
Chocolate cake with swirly frosting - Shersor/Getty Images

After countless hours of watching baking competition shows, you may be convinced you can bake a cake just like a professional. Even if the cake is perfectly fluffy and moist with the right sweetness, nothing matters when the exterior looks messy. Decorating cakes is more difficult than it seems, but don't worry -- there's an easy way for professional-looking cakes every time.

While it looks and sounds like its only purpose is to serve desserts, an offset spatula is the secret tool you need to frost cakes. The long tool has a rounded tip that allows you to make all kinds of swirls, spirals, and swoops. Offset spatulas come in various sizes, but a mini one will help decorate the cake with a professional touch.

After adding frosting to your cake, use the mini offset spatula to move it around in a constant "S" shape, creating elegant designs on your cake. Use a large amount of creamy frosting and take your time as you maneuver the spatula. Read ahead to learn more simple tricks for decorating your cake like a professional.

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Follow These Tips The Next Time You Decorate A Cake

Chocolate cake with drizzled icing
Chocolate cake with drizzled icing - Lainea/Shutterstock

Not adding a delicate layer of frosting, known as the crumb coating, is a mistake everyone makes with cake. The thin layer creates an even base for frosting while preventing crumbs on the cake from peeking through all your hard decorating work. Glide on the layer of frosting and allow it to solidify in the fridge before adding the frosting.

If your classic white cake ends up looking like a Rothko painting instead of having a smooth wash of frosting, invest in a cake turntable. The tool allows you to get a more even spread on your cake without having to walk around it, which may cause you to miss a spot. Spin the turntable as you move the offset spatula back and forth, giving your cake even coverage.

For another design that's much easier than it looks, try giving your cake a scallop design. Using a medium-sized piping bag, add a dot of frosting at the top of the cake. Keep placing similar-sized dots right under the first one until you reach the bottom of the cake. Using a spoon or offset spatula the same size as the dots, gently pull the frosting horizontally across the cake. Add another dollop of icing right at the end and repeat the process until the whole cake is covered.

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