Simple habits to adapt if you want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle

Sulagna D
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Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels
Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Being environmentally conscious in our day-to-day life is the need of the hour. With the world going through a pandemic and the alarming rate at which the crisis of global warming is upon us. What we do and how we live in our daily lives has a huge effect on the environment itself.

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If you want to live more eco-consciously, one of the simplest ways to begin is to change habits at a micro level, starting with these at home:

  1. If you didn’t know this yet, then your trash can be recycled. A lot of things that you throw away just ends up in landmines, making the problem worse for the environment. There are all kinds of great items you can use to replace items in your trash can. A lot of the food that you throw away, including vegetable and fruit peels, can be recycled and reused.

  2. Separate your kitchen garbage from your house garbage. Most people only separate their kitchen garbage and use it for cooking. Do not use plastic bags as garbage, instead use newspapers or biodegradable bags.

  3. Eating more fruits and vegetables is an essential habit of starting to live eco-consciously. They are packed with more nutrients and vitamins. Travelling green is another way to go green. The peels of these fruits and veggies can be used as compost for your plants.

  4. Cooking meals at home can also reduce the amount of waste and is also great on your budget. Buying locally grown veggies can help the environment and the farmers as well.

  5. Many people throw away paper, plastic, cans, etc., without even bothering to look at what they are doing. You can easily find a recycling company near you that gives out free newspapers, magazines. This is a simple way of recycling paper and plastic to reuse and use again. You can even collect a bunch of bills and staple the blank sides all together to create your very own notepad to write or scribble on.

  6. Always carry your own cloth bag when you go out. Keep it stuffed in your bag, that way when you buy something without planning to, you don’t end up using their plastic or paper bags.

  7. Switch the way you think about travelling. If a flight can be avoided then you can go camping and spend some time away from the city life with nature. Bke to work instead of using your vehicle. Walk wherever you can instead of taking a rickshaw.

These are just a few habits that you can try. It won't be easy at first, but you will find that you are gradually changing your lifestyle as you go along. You will not be sacrificing anything in return. Once you begin to develop these, you will find that you are very proud of your efforts. Every little bit helps, so while these may not seem like a lot at first, they add up in the end.

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