Score Strip

  1. League: NHL
  2. Columbus vs. Pittsburgh
    End 3rd
    3 4 CLS
    3 1 PIT
  3. Minnesota vs. Colorado
    15:42 1st
    1 4 MIN
    0 1 COL
  4. Chicago vs. St. Louis
    Final OT
    3 3 CHI
    4 2 STL
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Sidney Crosby: Giving Playing Overseas More Thought
Update: Crosby says he will consider signing with a team in Europe more seriously as the lockout drags on, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

Recommendation: While playing in Europe is a consideration, Crosby hasn't talked to his agent, Pat Brisson, about any offers or possibilities. Furthermore, insurance costs in the neighborhood of $400K per month make it even more difficult for the Penguins' star to consider a European team. In the end, the NHL season would likely have to be officially canceled before Crosby crosses the pond.

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