Sia Gets a Wild Party Going in ‘Gimme Love’ Video

sia-gimme-love - Credit: Atlantic Records
sia-gimme-love - Credit: Atlantic Records

Sia wants the same thing she’s always wanted on her new single, “Gimme Love.” “Oh, please now, do this just for me,” she keens in the song’s chorus, “I don’t ask for much: Gimme love, gimme love, gimme love.” The track, which comes ahead of the artist’s upcoming Reasonable Woman, sounds both hopeful and desperate as she pleads for affection.

The song’s video begins with Sia dancing alone, dressed in white, as a dog looks on trying to figure out just what the heck she’s up to and when she’s gonna give him. Then Sia’s friends show up and it turns into a party. They frolic and dance and the room fills up, and the dog remains a very good boy throughout.

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“Gimme Love” is the singer’s first new song since 2021, and Reasonable Woman will be her first solo pop full-length in eight years. Right now, it’s expected to arrive in the spring, likely in May since that’s when preorders of her LP are set to ship. (Her last pop album was 2016’s This Is Acting. She followed it up the next year with Everyday Is Christmas and in 2021 with Music – Songs from and Inspired by the Motion Picture.)

In other Sia news, the singer has spent part of the year awarding her favorite Survivor contestants with money. In May, she gifted her favorite contestant $100,000, and $15,000 each to two other survivors. Last August, the series’ host, Jeff Probst, revealed that Sia had given away nearly $1 million to the show’s contestants since she started showing her largesse in 2016. “Her thought is this: I make a lot of money,” Probst told Howard Stern. “I’ve been really lucky, and I want to share it with the people who entertain me and bring me joy. And one of those shows is Survivor.”

Sia also revealed on a podcast interview with a Survivor finalist that she had been diagnosed with autism. “For 45 years, I was like, ‘I’ve got to go put my human suit on,'” she said. “And only in the last two years have I become fully, fully myself.”

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