Shoppers Deem These “Very Breathable” Cotton Thongs the “Most Comfy” Underwear They Own

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The "perfect for summer" undies are just $2 apiece at Amazon.



Nearly six months ago, I decided 2023 would be the year I overhauled my underwear drawer. I stocked up during an end-of-year Everlane sale, grabbed a handful of cotton bikini-style bottoms from Gap, and even added a few high-waisted options from Cuup to my rotation. But as we head into June, I’ve realized that my winter haul — which consisted of more than a few heavy-weight undies — might have been a tad short-sighted.

As a Midwesterner, 70-degree-weather constitutes warm enough for shorts, and temps in the 80s means I’ll be sweating. So in preparation for the sweltering months ahead, I’m doing more than just adding linen pieces and flowy dresses to my collection — I’m also grabbing breathable undergarments. And according to Amazon shoppers, this lightweight and comfortable pack of thongs is “perfect for summer.”



Shop now: $11;

The Anzermix thongs come in a pack of six and are loved by more than 48,700 Amazon shoppers. At just $11 for the pack, each thong comes in at just under $2 apiece. The 95 percent cotton underwear is available in seven colorways, including all-white and black packs, striped sets, and bundles featuring assorted colors like navies, nudes, and more. The  low-rise thongs are stretchy, never “roll” or “bunch”, and are the perfect balance between “sexy and comfy,” according to customers. They might not be your grannie panties, but they sure do feel like them.

Among the tens of thousands of five-star ratings, shoppers can’t stop raving about just how comfortable and “very breathable” the Anzermix thongs are. “These are hands-down the most comfy underwear I have,” wrote one shopper. Another person explained that, unlike other thongs, the undies didn’t give that “wedgie” feel thanks to the “thick fabric with a wider thong and band.” And one shopper who deemed the thongs their “go-to” said that on top of being comfy, this style didn’t “fade,” “peel, or stretch out,” adding that they “always go back to original size even after drying.”

On top of feeling good, a number of customers noted that the thongs expertly do exactly what you buy a thong to do: Be unseen. One person called the look “seamless,” saying that there were no panty lines visible under their yoga pants. Another shopper even said they were “totally invisible in a tight dress.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely adding the Anzermix thongs for just $2 apiece at Amazon to my underwear drawer ahead of summer.

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