I Couldn't Hold My Composure After Seeing These 19 Bone-Chilling Photos

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately.

A woman lying in bed at night with eyes wide open

It just might have something to do with my obsession with the r/oddlyterrifying subreddit. Here are 19 photos from this month that I can't get out of my head:

1."The hands of German serial killer Fritz Honka."

Close-up of hands with thick fingers, huge fingernail beds, and long, dirty fingernails

2."Damn, that crab is FRESH."

Crabs in packaging in a store display , with one having clawed through the plastic

3."This mushroom growing in my friend's basement."

What looks like an intricate fungus network, like bare branches of a tree

4."The surface of Comet 67P, a Jupiter-family comet originally from the Kuiper Belt. Filmed by the Rosetta space probe."

It looks like a snowy, dark, rocky scene

5."A missing person's page from an old high school yearbook."

"In Memory of the Lost Senior" headline with a picture of Wendy Louise Felton, who disappeared June 7, 1987; "since that day, no one has seen or heard from her; if this tragic incident had not occurred, Wendy would have graduated with the class of 1989"

6."Japan has an airport located literally in the ocean. It cost $20 billion to build...but it's sinking."

An airport and runway surrounded by blue water, as seen from the air

7."This cruiselike airplane concept."

A multistory airplane in the air that looks like a cruise ship with wings that have two layers of five engines on each side

8."Cancer warning on rice??!!!"

A label for jasmine rice with the warning "Cancer and Reproductive Harm -" circled

9."This mystery envelope full of candy I found on my chair at work."

Envelope with "I miss your smile" handwritten on it

10."I'm a security guard watching a parking lot, and I found this while doing a round."

A car with a very strange handprint on the front window

11."My cat puked a spider nest."

What looks like hair and many small bugs on a cloth

12."This liminal space setup."

A small table with a laptop on it, chair, fan, speaker, and stool in an otherwise empty, drab-looking room

13."This photo in my doctor's office."

A framed photo of distorted, shadowy smiling faces

14."My nephew found a horse mask in my brother's creepy attic."

A person standing in a small room and wearing a huge horse-head covering that extends to their shoulders

15."A Damascus goat."

A distorted image of a goat with huge jowls on its hind legs in a pen

16."This robot monkey spy for observing wild monkeys."

Close-up of a very real-looking robot monkey with large eyes and what looks like water dripping from its mouth

17."This ominous dark room next to my sister's apartment door. I always feel off around it."

A hallway leading to a dark opening

18."This 1930s Mickey Mouse doll."

Mickey's face is distorted, the eyes too far apart, and his arms are dangling and look broken

19.And finally, "On the edge of darkness."

A sky above a highway showing red clouds on one side and a dark sky on the other