Sharon Osbourne victim-shames Eric Schneiderman accusers on 'The Talk'

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“You can’t go out with someone for any length of time and complain at the way they choked you.”

The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne took this uninformed and tone-deaf stance while discussing the allegations detailed in an article by the New Yorker against former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The accusations led to Schneiderman’s resignation just three hours after the story was published. The article detailed claims by four women that Schneiderman assaulted them, but Sharon Osbourne either didn’t read the article carefully or did not understand the gravity of the accusations.

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She boldly said, “I’d like to know how long they were going together. Because if he was doing that, then it was consensual. So it’s like somebody wants to give you a good old choking, I mean, you would run to the door.”

She also insisted that the victims should have called 911 at the time. The article detailed allegations that Schneiderman used his powerful position as the top law enforcement official in the state to intimidate the women and even threatened to kill them.

Co-host Sara Gilbert tried unsuccessfully to reason with Osbourne, explaining that people get trapped in cycles of abuse. Osbourne seemed to cede that point only to victims who are married or had children.

Near the end of the discussion, Osbourne went further and seemed to shame the alleged victims. She said, “With somebody in his position, I think probably women got off on his power.”

Although Schneiderman resigned as a result of the allegations, he has denied the women’s contention that his actions were not consensual.

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