Shannen Doherty Recalls On-Set Fight With Beverly Hills, 90210 Co-Star Jennie Garth: ‘She Lost It On Me’

Shannen Doherty is opening up about a scuffle she had with Jennie Garth on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210 — one that required two of their co-stars to step in to prevent the situation from escalating.

As Doherty explains in the March 4 episode of her Let’s Be Clear podcast, Garth was doing something called “Pants-Down Day, where she would pull the pants [of] some of the crew members in a funny way.” But according to Doherty, “some of them were getting pretty annoyed” by Garth’s prank, inspiring Doherty to pull one of her own.

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“I reversed it, and I said Skirt-Up Day,” Doherty says. “[Garth] always wore the men’s Calvin Klein boxer shorts under her clothes, so I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, so I did Skirt-Up Day. Oh my God, she lost it on me. I was just not in the mood to back down.”

Doherty is joined in this episode by co-star and longtime friend Brian Austin Green, who remembers the fight as being “a huge moment for everyone.” He even recalls stepping into the middle of it with, along with co-star Ian Ziering, “to keep it from escalating.”

“It was always awesome to me that the boys got along so well,” Doherty tells Green. “You guys were always very supportive of each other and congratulating each other, and it wasn’t necessarily the same with the girls.”

“Let’s just say it wasn’t the same, instead of it ‘wasn’t always necessarily’ the same,” he replies. “Because I feel like you’re sugarcoating that situation a little bit. … I remember it got really rough and competitive for you all. That was not an easy situation to watch.”

Doherty and Garth played best frenemies Brenda and Kelly for four seasons on the Fox drama, prior to Doherty’s departure in 1994. Garth then became the show’s female lead, sticking around for the remainder of its 10-season run. Doherty and Garth have since reunited multiple times on screen, first on The CW’s 90210 in 2008, then again on Fox’s BH90210 in 2019.

TVLine has reached out to Garth’s team for comment.

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