Shakira Has Just Been Spotted With Lewis Hamilton, And People Have *Thoughts*

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton
Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

Shakira’s break from former footballer Gerard Piqué last year was, of course, very sad. But it has to be said, it also gave us some very gripping drama. 

First of all, there was that whole strawberry jam infidelity fiasco. Then, the ex-footballer and his new girlfriend allegedly got booted out of a Barcelona restaurant by its Shakira fan owner.

And now, it seems Shakira might have moved on with another A-list sportsman.

The She Wolf singer was first spotted with racing driver Lewis Hamilton in May this year, which is when rumours about the nature of their relationship first began to circulate.

And more recently, Shakira was photographed at dinner with Lewis after his Grand Prix podium finish.

In the photo, Lewis’ hand is clearly placed on the singer’s waist. And Shakira had been cheering him along track-side earlier, too.

Here are some of our fave reactions to the romance rumours surrounding the two: