Seth Meyers Explains Why This Petty Donald Trump Gesture Is ‘So Funny’

Seth Meyers on Thursday mocked Donald Trump’s penchant for turning his courtroom appearances into campaign moments.

With Trump unable to pull such a stunt during the U.S. Supreme Court’s hearing on whether he should be dumped from the presidential election ballot in Colorado, Meyers looked back at the time Trump left his civil fraud trial and mimed zipping his lips because earlier, he’d been admonished by the judge.

“Trump zipping his lips is so funny because you know he can only go a couple of seconds before unzipping them again,” said Meyers.

The “Late Night” comedian suggested Trump should “combine the two motions.”

“What do I think of the judge? I’ll never tell,” Meyers mimicked Trump, saying before zipping his lips. He temporarily “unzipped” his lips to impersonate Trump, saying, “He’s treating me very unfairly,” and then did it again to ask if the judge had seen what he’d done.

Watch the video here: