Serena Williams Is All of Us In a Relatable Instagram Video About a Denim Skirt That Just Doesn't Fit (Yet)

 Serena Williams.
Serena Williams.

Serena Williams is a work in progress, and she's not afraid to let us know it. The mother of two took to Instagram to share "The Diary of a Denim Skirt," a video in which Williams is seen struggling to fit into a Valentino (you guessed it) denim skirt. The piece looks gorgeous, but Williams finds herself unable to pull it over her bottom. (Relatable.)

Williams narrates as she tries to pull the skirt up, explaining how she bought this designer item while pregnant with her second child, Adira River, who was born last August. Williams shared she hoped to wear the skirt by now.

"I got this cool Valentino skirt when I was pregnant and I was like 'I'm gonna be able to fit this when I don't have a belly,'" she said.

But, as has happened to us all, the skirt wouldn't fit, and Williams acknowledges this to the camera: "I can't fit it," she said. "But this is my goal. Honestly, I should've been able to fit it by now, but I ran into some, um...I got distracted for about a month."

Rather than tearing up or being angry with herself about this, Williams laughed and said, "Houston, we have a problem."

It's so wonderful to see the compassion Williams offers herself in her postpartum journey.

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"I feel like if I go to the gym and get fit, I'll be able to fit it in a month?" Williams asked viewers.

Rather than claiming she'll do some crazy diet or punish herself with exercise (as so many of us have done), Williams treats this as part of her journey, as she was already focused on building her strength and stamina.

Earlier this week, Williams shared a video of herself in the gym doing barbell squats.

The retired tennis champion captioned the video "I'm getting back into the swing of things."

As for the denim skirt chronicles, Williams put the skirt back in the cupboard "for now," and it's a wonderful reminder for viewers that this is okay. Clothes don't have to fit you, especially months after having a baby. Williams reminds us all to give ourselves grace.

Given that this is only "Part 1" of "The Diary of a Denim Skirt," we're hoping there is plenty more to come.

We're right there with you, Serena. We've all been there. And because you love us, please drop the link for that gorgeous skirt!

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