Serena Williams opens up about pregnancy, tennis and love in Vanity Fair cover story

The spotlight isn’t new for 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams, but the tennis star opened up in a new, more personal manner in her recent Vanity Fair article released on Tuesday.

Williams posed naked on the cover of the magazine with one hand across her chest and the other on her hips, supporting her back and stomach. The article accompanying the cover photo, labeled a “must read” by Williams herself, reveals insights into Williams’ pregnancy, her engagement and her tennis future.

The Vanity Fair long-form piece walks readers through Williams’ relationship with Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and describes how she fell in love with the internet whiz and how he discovered an interest in the sport of tennis through his then-girlfriend.

As the article details, Ohanian and Williams met at a breakfast buffet in Rome two years ago, and the tennis star passed her number along to Ohanian because she said she could use help on her personal website. Ohanian told Williams that he was speaking at a tech conference in Italy, but his Instagram posts from the weekend show that he also spent some time watching tennis.

Looks like I just became a tennis fan. #priime

A post shared by Alexis Ohanian ???? (@alexisohanian) on May 13, 2015 at 1:40am PDT

In January, after six positive pregnancy tests, Williams told Ohanian that they would be having a child. The doctors told her at the time that they suspected she was three or four weeks pregnant and safe to play. Williams followed their advice, won the Australian Open, only to find out later that she was actually eight weeks pregnant at the time. When the tennis star accidentally announced her pregnancy on Snapchat, the posting date and caption, “20 weeks,” revealed that she had been pregnant during the Australian Open. Williams has said that she is taking the rest of the 2017 tennis season off due to the pregnancy, but she plans to return afterwards because her “story is over yet.”

She is due in the fall but has not revealed the sex of her baby.

Serena Williams is having fun with her pregnancy. (Reuters)
Serena Williams is having fun with her pregnancy. (Reuters)

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