Your September Monthly Horoscope & Zodiac Predictions

September is finally here and Virgo season is beginning in earnest.

This week's blue super moon in Pisces has already kicked things into high gear and that's just the start. Venus retrograde finally comes to an end on Sunday, September 3, pressing pause on all the chaos and upheaval it has been causing in our love lives. Mercury will still be in retrograde as the planet of communication orbits in reverse in Virgo until September 14.

Typically, the mere thought of Mercury retrograde is enough to make us preemptively throw out our phones and take a vow of silence to avoid any miscommunication. However, a retrograde isn't always a bad thing as it is a part of every planet's orbit. Mercury is the only planet that is both in its domicile and its optimal position in the same sign -- Virgo. With the gray planet in its element right now, our eye for detail is going to be even sharper. Virgos love the nitty gritty and with its ruling planet moving backwards, our penchant for precision will only get stronger, inspiring us to look at what's working and what's not in our life. In other words, get our s--t together.

On September 5, Mercury will team up with Jupiter, the planet of luck, setting the stage for us to reap the benefits of -our laser focus. Past opportunities may come back around, giving us a second chance to see things through. Jupiter will also go into retrograde the day before on September 4, encouraging us to shift our internal dialogue regarding abundance. You can't receive blessings if you're not open to them.

On September 14, a new moon in Virgo will usher in a fresh start before the autumn equinox on September 23. The new moon will form a connection with rule-breaking Uranus, igniting a "rebel with a cause" in all of us. La luna will also be in opposition to Neptune, the planet of dreams and subconscious, making it difficult to ignore our intuition.

The sun will enter Libra on September 23, joining forces with Mars. Represented by the scales, Libra's influence will encourage us to find balance wherever possible, but especially when it comes to our relationships and work. Forward-thinking Jupiter, chatty Mercury and the moon will form a trine, delivering a needed sense of clarity going into fall. September 29 welcomes a full super moon in Aries. A lunation in the independent fire sign during romantic Libra's season will remind us that we can pour into others' cups if we fill ours first.