My Secret to a Smooth, Nick-Free Shave Is This $7 Razor That 16,000+ Shoppers Love, Too

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It’s seriously superior to others I’ve tried.

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Amazon / InStyle

When it comes to razors, quality does make a difference. Anytime I’ve forgotten to pack one on vacation and had to make due with whatever I could snag from the hotel lobby or nearby corner store, I’ve ended up with serious nicks and bumps. I’m eager to try a travel-friendly razor on my next trip; in the meantime, however, I am wedded to my favorite Gillette Venus Sensitive Skin Disposable Razor — and more than 16,000 Amazon shoppers are, too.

Available in a pack of three, the Gillette Venus razor is created for sensitive skin and tested by dermatologists. The razors are infused with a lubricating strip that helps the blade glide comfortably — and nick-free — over skin, and soothes the skin as it does so. The blades are flexible, which delivers a closer shave and mitigates the chance of razor bumps and burn. Plus, at a little over $2 per razor, this $7 three-pack is an excellent value for the price.



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I’ve tried significantly pricier razors (like, three times the cost) and found myself returning to the Gillette Venus razor. In addition to the ultra-close shave and silky smooth finish the razor delivers, I find it significantly less tiresome to use: Unlike other razors that have hard handles and can leave hands feeling cramped and tired, the Gillette razor is designed with comfort in mind. It has a soft-grip handle that’s softer than most and feels cushy in my hand. Moreover, the shape of the handle is also ergonomically designed, furthering the comfort factor while allowing for a non-slip hold — which, in turn, reduces the risk of nicks and cuts in slippery shower environments. As someone who has stepped out of the bath and left bloody footprints on the floor after accidentally slicing my ankles with a cheap razor (TMI?), I’m truly impressed by the accident-resistant design. Not to mention, I love the aesthetically pleasing pink handle (which just so happens to be my favorite color).

Shoppers with sensitive skin also swear by my go-to razor. “If you have sensitive skin or are prone to getting razor bumps, this razor is the best for you,” one shopper wrote. “It glides easily and leaves you feeling like your skin is made out of silk.” Another shopper, who uses the razor “literally everywhere” said it’s the only razor they’ve used that “hasn’t caused bumps.” A final shopper said they experienced “no cuts, and no ingrown hairs” while using it.

For your silkiest, smoothest shave this summer — sans razor burn and bumps — snag the shopper-loved Gillette Venus Sensitive Skin razors for $7 at Amazon.

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