How To Score Red Lobster's Ultimate Endless Shrimp Free For An Entire Year

endless shrimp at Red Lobster
endless shrimp at Red Lobster - Red Lobster

If you've ever said, "I could just eat shrimp for every meal," this is for you. On September 14, Red Lobster announced that it released a new game called Scratch & Sea. It's an instant-win scratch card game running through October 29; the grand prize is free Unlimited Endless Shrimp. (Sort of.)

To play, visit and enter once daily while the promo is active. Red Lobster's terms and conditions are careful to explain that entering more than one day by gaming the system will disqualify you. After providing your email address and full name, you are presented with a digital scratch card that you can click and drag to reveal what will likely be a "try again" message. Red Lobster will then console you with a 10% off coupon, which can be used on any bill over $30 for a maximum discount of $30.

However, this game will yield big prizes for 160 lucky players. Ten players will receive the grand prize: a $100 gift card every month for a year. Red Lobster's $20 unlimited Endless Shrimp deal is available every day, all day, as of June 2023, so this $100 prize amounts to five Ultimate Endless Shrimp meals before tax and tip, excluding beverages. In the next prize tier, 50 players will receive a $50 e-gift card, and 100 players will receive a $25 Red Lobster e-gift card, which covers one Ultimate Endless Shrimp meal.

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Red Lobster Fans Are Bringing Their Appetites

fried shrimp with Thai sweet chili sauce
fried shrimp with Thai sweet chili sauce - Gmvozd/Getty Images

Although the promo is entwined with Red Lobster's Unlimited Endless Shrimp deal, it can be used on any menu item. However, the Unlimited Endless Shrimp deal offers the best value. Red Lobster also announced a new flavor, crispy dragon shrimp, alongside the Scratch & Sea contest. These are fried until golden brown, then tossed in a sweet Thai chili-type sauce.

On Instagram, social media users sounded off about the promotion and its new crispy dragon shrimp, with one claiming the heat is mild enough for those who don't love spicy food to enjoy. However, the comments primarily address how much seafood patrons plan to put away to get their money's worth, which may be a driving factor for those who enter the contest. One person said the offerings are, "so mouthwateringly good omfg i ordered 30 plates of this last time i went into your establishment." Another commenter recommended the grilled shrimp skewers, claiming they "couldn't stop" eating them.

On the flip side of the coin, prize winners may want to tread carefully when using their gift cards; items occasionally run out. One commenter said, "They ran out of your new shrimp Rangoons, so sad as we were so excited to try!" This coincided with a 30-minute wait for food to arrive. Regardless, for seafood lovers, it might be worth risking it for the privilege of chowing down on the company's dime.

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