Scooter Gennett pulls an Adrian Beltre, hits a home run from one knee

If Cincinnati Reds infielder Scooter Gennett is trying to pay tribute to the game’s recent great home run hitters, he’s well on his way. During the Reds game against the Washington Nationals on Sunday, Gennett hit a homer that looked more than a little familiar.

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It was the second inning, and Gennett had already hit an RBI single as part of the Reds five-run first inning. So Scooter was already feeling pretty good. He went up to face Nats starter Tanner Roark, and the two engaged in a seven-pitch battle.

On pitch No. 6, the count was even at 2-2, and Roark could probably see his way out of the at-bat. But then on pitch seven, Gennett took Roark deep. And he hit it on one knee, taking a page from the book of Adrian Beltre, the king of one-knee home runs.

Scooter Gennett hitting a home run from one knee. (
Scooter Gennett hitting a home run from one knee. (

This isn’t the first time Gennett has hit a home run that reminded us of someone else. Actually, the last time he did that, it wasn’t just one home run, it was four. He hit four homers in a game back on June 6, becoming the first player to do that since Josh Hamilton in 2012.

Scooter Gennett isn’t actually trying to pay tribute to anyone. He’s just playing his own game the best and only way he knows how. But since he’s already checked Josh Hamilton and Adrian Beltre off the list, he should keep going! He could hit a home run after setting up in the box like Jim Thome.

He could hit a homer into McCovey Cove like Barry Bonds. (Shout out to the three dudes who jumped out of their canoes and into the water to try to catch Barry’s home run ball.)

Or he could imitate Albert Pujols and hit 34-plus home runs a year for more than a decade. Admittedly that one’s harder to do, but no one said this was going to be easy.

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