Love and hate lead to explosive ending on 'Scandal'

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On Scandal, Liv wasted no time delivering a scathing speech to Rowan after he teamed up with Fitz in last week’s episode. Liv finished by telling Rowan to take a message to Fitz: “Go home.”

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But Fitz didn’t want to go home. Instead, he told Mellie all the shady things Liv’s been up to, like the murder of Luna Vargas and The Pentagon funds Liv had diverted for B613. If Fitz had any hopes of getting into Liv’s good graces last week, this was certainly not the route to take. Needless to say, Mellie wasn’t too happy Liv. But there’s one thing Liv can do to redeem herself: Handle the coup in Bashran so President Rashad can retain power…and not get murdered the moment he gets off the plane when he lands there.

Speaking of President Rashad, he and Mellie finally admit their feelings for each other have a brief, yet passionate, make out session in the White House.

And speaking of make out sessions, Cyrus and Fenton share a kiss after Fenton convinced Cyrus not to help the war in Bashran to happen.

But this episode didn’t turn out happy for everyone, and not just because Curtis blew off Liv. President Rashad is last seen getting on a jet, presumably on his way back to Bashran.

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