'The Sandlot' prequel is in development because nostalgia rules all

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Hollywood’s latest idea sounds pretty familiar. Twentieth Century Fox is reportedly in “early development” on a prequel to the 1993 movie “The Sandlot,” according to Deadline Hollywood.

David Mickey Evans, who wrote and directed the original, will co-write the script with Austin Reynolds. There aren’t many rumors about the script, but Deadline Hollywood has heard it will center around “the legend of the beast from the first iteration.”

What will “The Sandlot” prequel be about?

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If you need a refresher on what that means, we have you covered:

Considering the lack of information around the prequel, we can only hazard a few guesses at what might happen. As “Squints” tells the viewers in that clip, his grandfather was involved. If the prequel follows his version of the story, it seems likely a member of the “Squints” family will be in the film. Could we see other family members of the characters in the original cast? It seems possible.

It’s also worth noting that “Squints'” recollection of events was exaggerated. So the writers do have a fair amount of room to take elements of that story to show what actually happened.

Should “The Sandlot” prequel happen?

Is “The Sandlot” a re-boot people care about in 2018? The original is beloved among people of a certain age, but there are sequels to that film that don’t carry the same level of love and respect. Those sequels are proof that the original idea is hard to replicate.

Nostalgia seems to rule everything these days. A number of shows and movies have been revived in recent years. Some have been received extremely well. Others should have never been re-booted in the first place.

We’re not sure where “The Sandlot” prequel will stand if it actually happens. People had doubts about “Breaking Bad” needing a prequel, but “Better Call Saul” has turned into an entertaining show.

The film is only in “early development” right now, so nothing is guaranteed. For fans desperately wanting to consume a new entry in “The Sandlot” lore, you may have to wait FOR-EV-ER. FOR-EV-ER. FOR-EV-ER.

“The Sandlot” prequel is in early development at 20th Century Fox. (AP Photo)
“The Sandlot” prequel is in early development at 20th Century Fox. (AP Photo)

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