San Diego restaurant gives away free tacos when Chargers lose

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The Los Angeles Chargers have left San Diego behind, but San Diego most certainly hasn’t forgotten them. In a display of beautiful pettiness, one San Diego restaurant is giving away free tacos every time the Chargers lose … as they did, Sunday, in an ugly collapse before a good half-dozen Chargers fans in Carson.

Victor Lopez, the owner of El Pollo Grill in San Diego, was a lifelong Chargers fan. Heartbroken when the team left, Lopez put his money where his rage was: any visitor who comes into El Pollo the day after a Chargers loss and says the magic words—”Spanos Taco”—gets a free taco. (“Spanos,” of course, refers to Dean Spanos, the owner who moved the team from a faithful fan base with a decaying stadium to a nonexistent fan base in a soccer stadium.)

Now, at some point El Pollo is going to have to decide just how far it wants to carry this promotion. The Chargers face the Chiefs this week, and draw the Raiders, Broncos and Patriots over the next six weeks prior to their bye.

This isn’t the only known attempt to jab the team for its departure; a San Diego fan bought a billboard trolling the team near its new stadium. Teams come and teams go, but hatred from betrayal? That lasts forever.

Chargers fans are unhappy. (Getty)
Chargers fans are unhappy. (Getty)

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